My Story

Celebrating life is so very important to me and I believe every day is a gift.

I am the youngest of 5 Sisters, Aunty to 9 Nephews and Nieces and Great Aunty to 10. I am also very fortunate to have a wide circle of wonderful friends and this means, that over the years, I have been privileged to attend many Christenings, Weddings and unfortunately Funerals. Being around people is my passion. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of people from all different backgrounds and cultures and getting to know them through their individual stories. I became a Celebrant as I love creating memorable moments and get great satisfaction in making people feel special. No 2 people are the same and this is why your Celebration should be unique to you


From the moment we are born our story begins and I can help you to celebrate your personal journey with bespoke Ceremonies created just for you.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

How do you choose your child’s name? It may simply be your favourite name or in honour of someone you love or admire. However, once you have chosen it I can create a wonderful Ceremony just for you to honour that special name you have chosen for your precious child.

Adoption Ceremonies

How magical to welcome a new member into your wonderful family with a beautiful Ceremony written just for this occasion.

Coming of Age Ceremonies

Celebrate your child’s rite of passage into adulthood or mark a major achievement in their young adult life by having a beautiful personal Ceremony written just for them.

Wedding Ceremonies

Once you have found that special person that you want to spend the rest of your life with let me write a beautiful, bespoke Wedding Ceremony to cement your love for one another. I will work with you to create a wonderful day filled with memories that are so personal and meaningful to you.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Whenever the time feels right for you to renew your Wedding Vows, I will be delighted to create a Ceremony filled with everything you hold dear about each other (including the annoying bits!).

Funeral Ceremonies

The end of our journey and the story. This, for me, is where our loved one’s life should be celebrated as we send them on to their final resting place. Please allow me to hear their story from you and write a beautiful tribute in honour of them and their life.